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Governor Commits Extra $200M to Anti-Addiction Programs

‘Lapsed dollars’ in state coffers will fund new programs and expand existing ones in an effort to reduce drug addiction in New Jersey.New Jersey will expand existing programs and create new performance-based ones to reduce drug addiction and provide more options for those struggling with the disease — especially low-income patients — thanks to some $200 million in uncommitted dollars found in state coffers.Read more...
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‘Treatment is widely available for opioid addiction, writes Jim Curtin

Jim Curtin wrote an Op Ed article, which was published in the New Jersey Record:As attention to the opioid epidemic rises -providing so much hope -miscon­ceptions and misinformation complicate the work of treatment professionals and organizations. Among the inexcusable errors I have seen recently is the sugges­tion that there is a waiting list for opioid addiction treatment. As the largest service provider to opioid abusers under 21, we have beds available right now and another treat­ment provider in the youth and young adult space has announced it will convert to an adult facility due to a lack of clients....

Triple Play: What companies can do for an employee who may have a substance use disorder

In a recent article published in NJBIZ, Jim Curtin Daytop New Jersey's President and CEO lists some things that companies can do to help those employees who may have a substance use disorder. P. Curtin is the CEO and president of Daytop NJ, which provides highly effective, comprehensive Behavioral Health Services for New Jersey youth and adults with opioid and other substance use disorders. It has two youth and young adult residential facilities, three outpatient facilities for youth and adults and one residential women's halfway house.We asked James what companies can do for an employee that they suspect has...
Governor Chris Christie signs into law life-saving healthcare reform to guarantee insurance coverage for people to access immediate drug addiction treatment and to limit initial opioid prescriptions while in the outer office in Trenton, N.J. on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017. . Governor Christie announced America’s strongest addiction recovery reform during his 2017 State of the State address, and it was passed in a month by the legislature. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Gov. Christie signs landmark legislation

Not only was I a very proud citizen, while I sat in the state house to witness the signing of Senate Bill 3, I was also an inspired substance use disorder treatment provider. This bi-partisan measure which requires insurance companies to cover treatment for substance abuse treatment as well as limiting doctors to prescribe only an initial prescription of five days of dangerous opioid based medications will undoubtedly save lives. And while I drove home to north Jersey from Trenton, a recent graduate of Daytop New Jersey who thankfully stays in touch with me texted “ congrats on the new...

Daytop NJ teens had, “the time of their lives”

Daytop NJ teens had, “the time of their lives”, when Mr. Franke Previte came to visit Daytop NJ’s Music for Recovery program recently. Mr. Previte’s band, Franke & The Knockouts had three top 40 singles and two top 50 albums in the early 1980s, and he co-wrote Dirty Dancing’s, “I’ve Had the Time of My Life”. Click here to learn more about his great career. Mr. Previte jammed with the kids and provided valuable insight and inspiration into a career in music. Jim Mullen, owner of Tune Academy in Old Bridge took time to visit too and spoke...

Evidence-based Gender Specific Treatment

The term “evidence based” is often used by treatment programs to describe their treatment approaches, but what does that really mean, and how does it impact the care and treatment your child receives at Daytop New Jersey specifically? This blog will highlight one such evidence-based practice recently implemented in Daytop New Jersey’s adolescent residential programs – gender specific treatment. Simply, gender specific treatment recognizes the unique needs that women and men have in addressing and treating their substance use, and the value in customizing treatment for each.The Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Dr. Alan Leshner says “Through...

Daytop NJ highlighted as valued community partner

Daytop New Jersey was highlighted as a community partner in Somerset County's Department of Human  Service November, 2016 newsletter. Somerset County is to be commended for its commitment to improving the lives of its residents not only in its own service delivery but also in promoting the economic, social, emotional, physical and mental health services available within the state.  View the newsletter here: dhs-november-newsletter

Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development – New Research update

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is embarking on a 10-year longitudinal study of adolescent development called the ABCD  (Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study), the largest longitudinal study ever undertaken for adolescents in the United States.  It may not give us much today, but the information gathered will no doubt have a great impact on our work in the future - and expand our growing understanding of brain functioning and development in teens and how it is impacted by drugs, trauma and other challenges. And, how to provide more effective intervention and treatment. Here are two links that provide more...

Music & Recovery – Perfect Together

Addiction Professional recently featured Daytop New Jersey’s music program in its e-newsletter, highlighting the popular new music program which uses music to help students in their recovery journey. Addiction Professional is a respected industry clinical magazine read by 54,000 subscribers. Being featured in this forum not only is an honor but speaks to the stand-out programming happening at Daytop New Jersey.Led by singer/songwriter Kathy Mosher, Music for Recovery is a powerful way to reach the hearts and minds of people on the journey of recovery. Students at Daytop New Jersey are discovering new ways of understanding and communicating their...

Crawford House women discovering beauty and fun in recovery

Appreciating the beauty within, and around us, the woman of Crawford House recently spent a day at Duke Gardens enjoying the beautiful orchids and the farm animals. They enjoyed a hay ride, corn maze and pumpkin picking.  It was a fun, care-free day - days now possible in recovery."Thank you for taking us on an adventure yesterday. I need to be reminded that it is possible to have fun in recovery and that staff really have our best interest at heart. Thank you for taking the time to let us all be carefree for the day, and for showing me...

Promising Path to Success at Daytop New Jersey

Daytop New Jersey is proud to be a participating organization in a SAMHSA grant called the Promising Path to Success. The goal of the grant is prevention of violence, trauma, and the use of seclusion and restraint in behavioral health settings. In its second phase of a five phase roll-out, Daytop New Jersey has already trained 100 staff in one of the core approaches called the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA), with two of our directors becoming certified NHA trainers.The Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) is a philosophy for creating healthy relationships with the people in your life. Originally created by Howard...

Morris County Recovery Walk

Several Daytop New Jersey students participated in the first annual Morris County recovery walk. The girls walked 2.5 miles in hopes of increasing people’s awareness, as well as to break the stigma of addiction in the Morristown community. The girls reported that this event was enjoyable, and impactful despite the humidity. 

Students volunteer at Operation New Jersey Cares

Recently, the Daytop New Jersey LEO club members, Kristin, Shantina, Sam, Veronica and Marilyn engaged in our most recent LEO’s project function. The five members traveled to Raritan NJ to assist Operations Jersey Cares pack boxes to be sent over seas to US troops. Each LEO member packed between 3-6 boxes filled with nonperishable food, toiletries, first–aid kits,  games, movies, books and candy. The members of Operations Jersey Cares were extremely pleased and grateful for how hard working our LEO members were. The students reported that they enjoyed this project and that it felt great giving back to our US...

Teen Addict Competes in Rio Olympics

Australian swimmer Daniel Smith says he hopes to inspire others after overcoming a drug addiction to qualify for the Rio Olympics.Smith was a talented junior swimmer and won a string of Australian Junior Championships, but in his late teens drugs pushed his life off the rails and he was soon living on the street."It was difficult, but I guess the pain that I suffered, the pain that I dealt with has actually put me in a position now to give back to others," he said."That's what my life's all about now. I'm all about giving hope to the next generation and...

Yoga at DaytopNJ

Weekly yoga classes offer students an opportunity to reestablish a healthy connection to their physical selves and to develop life skills for stress management and self-awareness. Through breathing practices and mindfulness meditation, students learn to quiet the mind and balance emotions. Movement of the body increases balance, strength and flexibility while flushing toxins out of the system.Students learn to notice the internal and external qualities of the present moment and practice non-judgmental acceptance of a range of emotions, thoughts and sensations they may experience. As a result, they practice finding balance between acceptance and change rather than reacting on autopilot...

Resources for parents of at-risk teens and those in treatment

The following books are recommended reading for parents with children in treatment, at risk for out of home placement, or considering residential treatment. The Journey of the Heroic Parent, Your Child’s Struggle & The Road Home, Brad Reedy, PhDHold On to Your Kids, Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers, Gordon Neufeld, PhD & Gabor Mate, MDNot By Chance, How Parents Boost Their Teen’s Success In and After Treatment, Tim Thayne, PhD

New federal legislation to combat opioid overdoses

Earlier this month, the U.S. House of Representatives almost unanimously approved legislation to combat opioid overdoses after Democrats dropped their opposition to the bill at the last minute.The 407-5 vote all but assures that the bill will sail through the Senate and head to President Obama’s desk next week. The legislation, a top priority for GOP leaders, is expected to be one of Congress’s biggest achievements this year.Democrats, who helped shape the bipartisan opioids bill, had refused to sign off on the final report because it didn’t include new funding. While they repeatedly slammed the GOP’s bill without new funding,...

Daytop NJ residents help build Habitat for Humanity house

The residents of Daytop New Jersey at Mendham partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build the frame of a house for a family from Manahawkin, NJ. Over 80 people participated; including the 55 residents, members of their families, Daytop’s staff, and the Habitat for Humanity volunteers. Pictures are below.Habitat for Humanity volunteers traveled from as far as Virginia to work with our kids on this project. They became part of the Daytop New Jersey family for two days, teaching, working shoulder to shoulder and sharing meals with our kids and staff.The volunteers, who call themselves the “Habitat for Humanity Road Trip Crazies”, come together a few...

Staggering Statistics – NJ Teens

 The publishers of NJ Family magazine recently printed the following statistics in their raising teens edition:The addiction rate in teens in NJ is NOT affected by whether they live in an urban, rural or suburban community (Partnership for a Drug Free NJ)New Jersey has the 6th highest rate of fatal youth drug overdoses in the country (according to 2015 report by watchdog organization The Trust for American Health)10.7 % of all deaths among people ages 12-15 are the result of drug overdose70% of NJ teens who abuse prescription drugs say...
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DaytopNJ student records his first music video

With the help of recovery music consultant Kathy Mosher, Isaiah was able to put his recovery journey to music in his first recorded music video:

Daytop NJ Students Are Active in Giving Back

Daytop NJ students are volunteering with Habitat for Humanity to help frame a new home. They are currently raising money for hammers, nails, screws or work gloves, safety glasses, food snacks and water.On April 30th students will be going to Camp Marcella for the blind in Rockaway NJ, and spend the day cleaning and setting up the cabins for the summer, some of the Lions club members will also be there.Students are returning to NJ Operation Cares to once again pack and send supplies and necessities to the troops overseas.

Students perform during first Talent Share event

A sampling of feedback from our students…Noah – Talent share was amazing. Realizing that in a rehab we have a chance to express ourselves in music and the talent share provides us knowing that there are more people out with their talent. Talent share rocks!Gabe – The talent share was good because my peers helped me play guitar in front of people because I have social anxiety.Carlo – The talent share was a good way for kids to come out of their comfort zone. This truly helps in recovery because doing bad things and drugs were what we were comfortable...

New Music Program in Mendham

Daytop New Jersey Academy recently enhanced their elective offerings by partnering with musician Kathy Moser, a gifted musician in recovery, who has redesigned and equipped a music room for Daytop NJ students.Studies by Harvard have shown music can help heal the brain and music can reach areas of the brain linked to addiction functioning as an integral part of recovery. Kathy’s Music for Recovery bridges the gap between art and treatment – she is able to use music to help students explore aspects of their being and their recovery in new and powerful ways.We are thrilled to...