Daytop NJ highlighted as valued community partner

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Daytop New Jersey was highlighted as a community partner in Somerset County’s Department of Human  Service November, 2016 newsletter. Somerset County is to be commended for its commitment to improving the lives of its residents not only in its own service delivery but also in promoting the economic, social, emotional, physical and mental health services available within the state.  View the newsletter here: dhs-november-newsletter

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  • Penny Crimmins

    I have an inmate in my Substance Abuse Group that attended Day Top in the past and asked if I could get him the words from their Mission/Beliefs (?) It started with I am here . . . . Must have been meaningful for this man to have remembered. Could not find on your web site. Could you please send so I may pass it along. Thanks Penny

  • Michael Buonauro

    Dear Penny,
    I apologize for the slow response but we’re just getting the hang of Blog responses.
    I have included, below, the words to the Daytop Philosophy. Please tell your client that, we are always here to lend support.
    Warm regards,

    Daytop Philosophy
    I am here because there is no refuge,
    finally from myself.
    Until I confront myself in the eyes
    and hearts of others, I am running.
    Until I suffer them to know my secrets,
    I have no safety from them.
    Afraid to be known,
    I can know neither myself nor any other,
    I will be alone.

    Where else but in our common ground,
    can I find such a mirror?
    Here, together, I can at last appear clearly to myself,
    not as a giant of my dreams, nor the dwarf of my fears,
    but as a person, part of the whole,
    with my share in its purpose.
    In this ground I can take root and grow,
    not alone any more, as in death,
    but alive to myself and to others.

    by Richard Beauvais

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