New Music Program in Mendham

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Daytop New Jersey Academy recently enhanced their elective offerings by partnering with musician Kathy Moser, a gifted musician in recovery, who has redesigned and equipped a music room for Daytop NJ students.

Studies by Harvard have shown music can help heal the brain and music can reach areas of the brain linked to addiction functioning as an integral part of recovery. 

Kathy’s Music for Recovery bridges the gap between art and treatment – she is able to use music to help students explore aspects of their being and their recovery in new and powerful ways.

We are thrilled to have Kathy working directly and regularly with our students using music as a vehicle to articulate and experience their individual experiences in recovery. – Erin Carrabba, principal

 “When I first came to Daytop I was angry and scared. The only thing that helped in those first few days was the music program. I learned to play the drums and that helped me get some of my anger out. Besides drums, what I learned in the music room was – I could change, learn something new, and express my feelings instead of numbing them with drugs and alcohol. I’m not the same person I was when I first came to Daytop NJ. The Music for Recovery program has given me hope for a better future.
 – K. age 17

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