Paul Ressler and Joseph Coronato among NJTV Everyday Hero Award winners

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Paul Ressler, Daytop New Jersey’s Board Vice Chairman, has garnered an Everyday Hero Award from New Jersey Public Television, along with others whose work and advocacy have touched on the heroin and opioid epidemic.

The awards, part of NJTV’s Healthy NJ: New Jersey’s Drug Addiction Crisis program, were handed out Wednesday night January 18th, in Trenton.

Paul,  whose son Corey died of a heroin overdose in 2010, spurring the formation of The Overdose Prevention Agency Corporation in Hamilton, also received an Everyday Hero Award. Ressler’s organization trains people in the use of naloxone. Ressler also sits on the board of Daytop New Jersey, which treats adolescents and adults with mental health and substance abuse problems.’s-death-spurs-narcan-training/94513504/