Crawford House

Crawford House provides...

Comprehensive and highly individualized program for women, aged 18 years and over, who are residents of NJ, homeless, indigent, and free from substance use for at least 14 days.

Based strongly on the 12-step model, Crawford House not only provides physical, emotional and spiritual healing for women in a safe and mutually-supportive community, but also provides women with the education, treatment and knowledge of how to use community support systems so they may achieve and maintain a substance-free lifestyle.

At Crawford House, each woman is provided with individualized and compassionate care, from dedicated professionals committed to helping women achieve and maintain recovery and live with dignity and purpose.

“Crawford House didn’t give me back my life – they gave me the ability to have a better one.”
– Sue, Crawford House Graduate

Why Crawford House?

  • Crawford House is one of a few halfway houses in NJ that serves only indigent and homeless women
  • Over 90 percent of the women who have completed Crawford House have been able to remain in recovery
  • Crawford House is the only program setting of this type that allows women to self-refer
  • Clean, comfortable and well-appointed home-like setting
  • Relational and compassionate care
  • Crawford House will teach you how to embrace new behaviors, establish goals and learn how to enjoy the years ahead

Program Services

Crawford House provides transitional-housing and treatment to women in early recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. As a residential halfway house, Crawford House provides a clinically managed, low intensity, highly individualized treatment program for the women who are supplied all items necessary for daily living, including housing, food, and transportation. The goal of Crawford House is to provide clients with the education, treatment and knowledge of how to use community support systems so they may achieve and maintain a substance-free lifestyle.

Crawford House, the first halfway house for women in NJ, was founded in 1978 by Betty Koehler, Edward Crawford, Marian “Miney” Anderson and other community members who were concerned about the unmet needs of female alcoholics during the transitional period between institutionalization and the resumption of normal daily living. In 2014, Crawford House merged with Daytop Village of NJ, Inc. This strategic alliance creates a foundation for the new organization to provide drug and alcohol treatment to many individuals at a time when drug abuse, especially heroin, is at epidemic stages, destroying individuals, families and communities throughout New Jersey. Crawford House is licensed by the New Jersey State Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Department of Human Services and is CARF accredited.


Crawford House is located at 362 Sunset Road, Skillman, NJ 08558


A variety of funding sources are available through the generosity of public and private supporters to women who are NJ residents.

Daytop New Jersey at Crawford House gratefully acknowledges the support received from the following funding sources:

  • Mercer County Board of Chosen Freeholders
  • Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders
  • State of New Jersey, Department of Corrections-MAP
  • State of New Jersey – Drug Court Initiative
  • The Substance Abuse Initiative of Work First NJ
  • State of New Jersey-South Jersey Initiative
  • State of New Jersey , Driving Under the Influence Initiative
  • Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders
  • Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders

Crawford House truly appreciates the foundations, corporations and individuals that have provided support.


Clients are referred for admission from other treatment settings and through the legal system, such as probation. Crawford House is the only program setting of this type that allows women to self-refer and the only one of its kind in central New Jersey that provides urgently needed treatment, within the context of transitional-housing, to indigent and homeless women.

Admission is open to female residents of New Jersey, 18 years or older, who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Admissions must recognize their primary problem is alcohol and/or drug addiction and demonstrate a familiarity with the disease concept of addiction.
  • Admissions must be free of substance use for at least 14 days.
  • Admissions must be free of communicable disease.
  • Admissions should not be experiencing any medical, emotional or behavioral conditions that require medical monitoring in the facility.
  • Admissions must be homeless and indigent.

Referrals to Crawford House are accepted from medically monitored and managed in-patient programs, intensive outpatient treatment programs, or other supervised, structured settings. Women may also self-refer. If the initial admission criteria are met after the telephone screening, an in person interview will be arranged.


Please contact Maria Pipitone at (908) 874-5153 if you have any questions or to begin the intake process.