Residential Treatment

Daytop New Jersey Provides...

Residential treatment for substance use and co-ocurring mental health disorders for youth and young adults,

 ages 13-20 in two locations, Mendham and Pittsgrove, NJ.

Daytop New Jersey’s treatment program is licensed, accredited and evidence-based. All services are delivered by a dedicated, multidisciplinary team of professionals within the context of a positive peer-based social learning model.

All participants receive individual, group and family therapy, medical and psychiatric services and continue to attend school full-time through the Daytop New Jersey Academy.
As the first (and only private) recovery high school in New Jersey, teens in residential treatment at Daytop New Jersey have the unique opportunity to remain engaged in a full-day school experience while in treatment, addressing academic and school-related challenges while in treatment.
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Why Us

  • Treatment is free of charge to NJ adolescents regardless of family income through the NJ Children’s System of Care
  • Full day, “real school,” recovery-focused middle school and high school program (first and only private recovery high school in NJ)
  • Dynamic music, art, recreational and athletic activities
  • Energetic and compassionate staff
  • Evidence-based and effective clinical services provided by credentialed and licensed staff
  • Positive peer support culture
  • Individualized attention
  • Comprehensive treatment, including individual, group and family counseling
  • Focus on developing self-esteem, confidence and work ethic while addressing substance use and other mental health challenges
  • On-site nursing, medical and psychiatric practitioners
  • Two locations (north and south NJ)

“Daytop provided for me what I could not: structure, learning experiences and an honest open environment where I could be myself. I no longer had to prove anything to gain the affection and attention I craved. The staff at Daytop never gave up on me. The encouragement and support that I received during my stay at Daytop has been the stepping stone that I rely on each day…Today I am proud to say I am five years clean. In 2006, I received my Associate’s degree and have continued on to NYU for my Bachelor’s degree in social work. I plan on continuing there for a MSW.” – Francesca, Daytop Graduate

Treatment Services


At Daytop New Jersey, participants work closely with their individual therapist to set and achieve therapeutic and recovery goals that best meet his or her unique needs. Participants receive individual and group therapy throughout their stay, and the relationship with their therapist is an important agent of change. In addition, each participant has a case manager that works in concert with the therapist to help achieve goals and ensure communication with the participant’s family and the myriad collaborations that are involved. Participants also have access to the Daytop New Jersey Academy school psychologist and student assistance counselor  during school hours, so that there is coordinated therapeutic support while the participant is experiencing the hurdles that often occur as they face academic and social challenges in a real life school environment.

Participants are evaluated and followed by a psychiatrist throughout their stay, expertly recommending and guiding psychiatric treatment, in close coordination with the medical staff and the participant’s therapist.

Parents and families are encouraged to participate in the therapeutic process, through work with the participant’s therapist but also through Daytop New Jersey’s supportive Family Association which offers weekly groups for family members, under the direction of Daytop New Jersey’s Director of Family Therapy.

Participants receive comprehensive medical supervision by our caring nursing staff, who not only are there for the colds, headaches and tummy aches, but also are alert for more serious medical conditions and allergies. Parents can be assured that the medical staff are watching out for their child’s health while they are away from home.

Educational Services

Unlike most residential treatment facilities, Daytop New Jersey provides participants a full-day school program, helping to ensure participants stay current with their academics, receive focused help to address school or academic-related challenges and help prepare them for the return to their high school at home. The Academy was the first and remains the only private recovery school in New Jersey, and maintains an active membership in the Association of Recovery Schools.

The Academy follows a traditional school year schedule with extended school year scheduling during the summer. In addition to the full range of course offerings which include grade level Math, Science, History, English, Health, Physical Education and Art, The Academy also offers facilitated foreign language in Spanish, German, Latin and French using Rosetta Stone.

Academically, our curriculum is aligned with the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) and our teachers provide individual academic planning for each participant. In collaboration with the participant’s home school district, we can support work provided by the district and supplement that with a general or special education curriculum. Participants also have access to the latest in educational technology, including Smart Boards, computer labs, laptops, and Kindle reading tablets as indicated.

Our Student Assistance Counselor, in conjunction with personnel in the home school district’s guidance office, assists participants with college planning and preparation, and Daytop New Jersey has relationships with the recovery support communities at both The College of NJ and Rutgers University.

Each Friday, participants have the opportunity of spending more time in a program of particular interest, such as art, music, yoga, equine therapy, physical education, cooking or participating in a wide range of community service projects. Additionally, once a month, Fridays are dedicated to hosting and engaging special motivational or inspirational speakers such as Steered Straight, Ryan’s Story, and representatives from self-help and community-based organizations.

“Daytop is a totally amazing program! I have surrendered to this program and to recovery and accept the things I cannot change. I am now a respectable, honest man, thanks to Daytop. This program is truly life changing. You can go from a low-life street thug to a man with a lot of potential. Daytop will not give up on anyone. I know! They did not give up on me. Today I am proud of who I am.” – Carlos, Daytop Graduate

Residential Life


With treatment facilities in both northern and southern New Jersey, each campus offers participants a safe, comfortable and enriching environment to heal, recover and grow. At our larger 26-acre campus in Mendham, our facility is located on a sprawling campus in a suburban setting, while our smaller Pittsgrove campus has a brand new administrative and school building. While both campuses are co-ed, we utilize gender specialized treatment so our students can focus on their own healing and recovery without the complications and distractions that come with traditional co-ed environments.

Participants at Daytop New Jersey are beneficiaries of our positive peer-based social learning community where peers are a strategic part of the guiding influence, supporting and encouraging one another in their recovery, recognizing that young people will often respond to one another before they respond to the adults in their lives. As a result, the environment at Daytop New Jersey is structured, safe, and supportive.

Chefs at both of our facilities ensure healthy, balanced and nutritious diets for all of our participants, including those who need specific accommodations.

Participants have access to a gymnasium, weight and fitness equipment, and a wide range of fun activities both on-campus and in the community. Additionally, we provide participants numerous opportunities to become positively involved in the community. Participants have volunteered with a local animal shelter (Watch Our Video), Habitat for Humanity, farm markets and many other local community-hosted events. 


Residential treatment facilities for adolescents are located at two locations:

Mendham, NJ: 80 West Main Street

Pittsgrove, NJ: 9 Harding Highway (Rt 40)


In-state residents: For adolescents residing in the state of New Jersey, cost for treatment at Daytop New Jersey can be funded in full, regardless of family income, and without accessing insurance benefits, through registration with the Children’s System of Care (CSOC). Each family is assigned a CMO (Care Management Organization) liaison who will guide each family through the funding approval process.

Although there is an additional cost for the academic program at Daytop New Jersey, we will negotiate that reimbursement with the adolescent’s home school district with no cost to the family.

There may be incidental costs unrelated to treatment such as lab fees for medical reasons, or for other services not rendered by Daytop NJ, depending on insurance coverage.

Out-of-state residents: $320/day

In some situations, insurance may cover the cost of treatment and we will be glad to complete an insurance verification to assess coverage. If insurance does not cover the cost of treatment, the cost of out-of-state adolescents will be $320/day. Scholarships, partial payments and payment plans as well as low cost loan financing through Prosper Healthcare are available.


Inquiries are welcomed from parents, family members, treatment facilities, care organizations or referring professionals. Our admissions team is available to answer any questions you may have, arrange a tour of our facilities and/or help guide you through the process.  Please contact:

For our Mendham location: 973-543-5656
Andrea Orlando (, ext. 748
Nancy Famiglietti (, ext. 799

For our Pittsgrove location:
George Yansick (, at 856-307-2042

The following is a general guideline for assessing a participant’s match for Daytop New Jersey. While no participant fits these indicators perfectly, participants well suited for our treatment program usually possess a number of “good fit” characteristics.

“Good Fit” day participants:
  • Middle school or high school participant, age 13-20, with goal of completing high school
  • History and/or current substance use/abuse/dependence
  • Experiencing difficulties with academics due to emotional, behavioral, motivational or learning issues
  • Possible or diagnosed mood, anxiety, trauma, ADHD and/or learning disorder
  • Classified in their home school district
  • Need a smaller setting or a more personalized approach
  • Problematic family relationships
  • Parents willing and able to participate meaningfully in their child’s treatment
“Cautiously Considered” participants:
  • Participant unsure/unmotivated to complete high school
  • Persistent and recent self-injurious behavior, or a history of multiple suicide attempts
  • Significant/severe learning disabilities
  • Medical issues that require significant program modification
  • Significant social impairment as typically seen with participants on the spectrum
  • History of physical intimidation/bullying of others
  • Explosive temper/anger management issues
  • Persistent and recent eating issues or self-injurious behavior
  • Law enforcement/court involvement
  • History of serious suicidality
  • History and recent running away from home or school
  • History of making false allegations
“Poor Fit”/Not Appropriate Participants
  • High School or GED graduate
  • Physical violence, intimidation, or predatory behaviors against others
  • Participants needing more intensive or locked facilities, or who may need physical restraint to ensure safety
  • Participants with moderate to serious spectrum disorder deficits, or mental illness
  • History of fire setting/charged with arson
  • Registered with Megan’s law or history of committing sexual abuse