Staggering Statistics – NJ Teens

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 The publishers of NJ Family magazine recently printed the following statistics in their raising teens edition:

  • The addiction rate in teens in NJ is NOT affected by whether they live in an urban, rural or suburban community (Partnership for a Drug Free NJ)
  • New Jersey has the 6th highest rate of fatal youth drug overdoses in the country (according to 2015 report by watchdog organization The Trust for American Health)
  • 10.7 % of all deaths among people ages 12-15 are the result of drug overdose
  • 70% of NJ teens who abuse prescription drugs say they get them from a friend or relative
  • 15% of NJ teens say they drank alcohol for the first time before age 13, compared to 19% of teens nationally (US Dept. of Health & Human Services)
  • NJ has some of the cheapest, purist heroin in the country (Governor’s Council on Alc0hol & Drug abuse).  A bag of heroin can be bought for as little as $5.
  • 39% of tweens and teens ages 12-17 in NJ admitted to smoking marijuana at least once daily

These are alarming numbers but not surprising to us at DaytopNJ. We see these kids in our outpatient treatment programs and our residential treatment programs everyday. We are privileged to see lives being saved and families restored! Fortunately, there is help available for any NJ teen at DaytopNJ.  There is hope for a better tomorrow. 


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