Triple Play: What companies can do for an employee who may have a substance use disorder

In a recent article published in NJBIZ, Jim Curtin Daytop New Jersey’s President and CEO lists some things that companies can do to help those employees who may have a substance use disorder.

James P. Curtin is the CEO and president of Daytop NJ, which provides highly effective, comprehensive Behavioral Health Services for New Jersey youth and adults with opioid and other substance use disorders. It has two youth and young adult residential facilities, three outpatient facilities for youth and adults and one residential women’s halfway house.

We asked James what companies can do for an employee that they suspect has an opioid substance use disorder or a family member with one.

1. Know the signs: An employee exhibits drastic physical, mental and behavioral changes in a short period of time: These can be signs of an opioid substance abuse disorder. 
2. Treatment is vital: It can be crucial to their health and also can save them from incarceration. Encourage people to get treatment as a matter of policy by educating employees about programs like Daytop.
3. Make information available: Some employees may have family members dealing with issues; help them know where to turn and know their options if they need to miss work to deal with those issues.


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