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Weekly yoga classes offer students an opportunity to reestablish a healthy connection to their physical selves and to develop life skills for stress management and self-awareness. Through breathing practices and mindfulness meditation, students learn to quiet the mind and balance emotions. Movement of the body increases balance, strength and flexibility while flushing toxins out of the system.

Students learn to notice the internal and external qualities of the present moment and practice non-judgmental acceptance of a range of emotions, thoughts and sensations they may experience. As a result, they practice finding balance between acceptance and change rather than reacting on autopilot and resorting to self-defeating behaviors. Fundamental philosophies of yoga guide students to peacefully relate to others and themselves on or off the yoga mat.

Yoga teachers are provided by P.S. 108, a non-profit yoga studio in Bedminster, NJ that partners with other community non-profit and government organizations to provide yoga instruction to populations that have limited resources or access to in-studio classes.

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